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Complete Condensing Water Boiler

Complete Condensing Water Boiler


  • Capacity:2-4 t/h
  • Design fuel: natral gas, coal gas, etc.
  • Application: building heat and hot-water supply
  • Description:Modular design and the coordination intelligent software control system can precisely regulate the operation of the boiler unit so that to adjust all-range of heating load
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Herold 6 is equipped with the most advanced full premix gas combustion and Ultraten tube condensing technology. It has good-looking appearance and small covering area, which is fit to hot water supply and district heating in villas, apartments, small and medium hotels, restaurants, office buildings, entertainment centers and stadiums.


  1. High Efficiency and Energy-saving

    The operation efficiency of the full premix gas combustion and full condensing hot water boiler is increased by more than 10% compared with the general boiler.

  2. Ultra-low Emission

    Ultra-low emission of COx and NOx make the use of clean energy more clean and environmentally friendly.

  3. Small Covering Area

    Modularized boiler improves the turndown ratio of system loading, and further promote the operational efficiency. The integrated design occupies a small covering area, which is reduced by more than 20% compared with the traditional condensing boiler and saves construction investment cost.

  4. Long Service Time

    The condensing heat-transfer element adopts silicon-aluminum alloy, which has strong corrosion resistance.

  5. Low Cost and Easy to Operate

    Under the on-line mode of the controller, the modularized boiler can realize multi-boiler joint control, and realize the need-based heating according to the heating temperature curves and other related parameters, reducing the occurrence of excess heat loss and under heating. Compared with traditional boilers, modularized boiler is easy to operate and manage.

Core technology

  1. Ultraten technology—Ultraten tube:

    Professional condensing heat-transfer element, greatly increase the condensation rate of the smoke.

  2. Full premixed combustion technology—Ultra-low nitrogen emission:

    Controllable and environmental combustion mode: Full premix is a new environmental combustion mode, which fully premix fuel and air with precise regulating and controlling, to make the burning more sufficient. Surface combustion technology makes the combustion efficiency higher and the NOx emission lower than 30mg/Nm³. Full premixed burner can realize proportional adjustment, and the maximum regulation range is 20%-100%.

  3. Intelligent control system

    Equipped with the high-resolution (HR) color touchscreen, showing dynamic interface directly and briefly.

    Multilevel pop-up menu make the monitoring system simple, methodical and intelligent.

    Multilevel administrative authorities enriches the management system.

    Automatically recording historical operation parameters and curves to improve management level in boilers, and automatically recording historical faults, convenient for operation and maintenance.

Technical parameters

Overall dimensions

Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) a(mm) Water inlet(mm)PN1.6 Water outlet(mm)PN1.6 Air pass(mm)PN1.6 Drain outlet
Condensation  outlet(mm) Gas interface(mm) Smoke orifice(mm)
H6-1400 3595 1325 2750 1235 1600 1350 DN125 DN125 DN125 DN50 2'' 1 1/2'' Ф300
H6-2800 4205 1950 3380 1400 1990 2000 DN200 DN200 DN150 DN50 2'' Ф450

Performance parameters

Model Water inlet/outlet temperature 70℃/95℃ Water inlet/outlet temperature 60℃/80℃ Water inlet/outlet temperature 50℃/60℃ Water inlet/outlet temperature 30℃/40℃ Rated thermal power Water capacity General weight
Boiler efficiency(%) Gas consumption(Nm³/h) Boiler efficiency(%) Gas consumption(Nm³/h) Boiler efficiency(%) Gas consumption(Nm³/h) Boiler efficiency(%) Gas consumption(Nm³/h)
H6-1400 96.1 137.1 97.2 135.5 101.2 130.2 105.5 124.9 1400 1.3 4.4
H6-2800 96.2 273.9 97.3 270.8 101.3 260.1 105.4 250 2800 3.8 6.9

Take 38.3MJ/Nm³ as the low calorific value of natural gas

As the technology is constantly updated, it is subject to change without notice. For detailed parameters, please refer to the headquarters of Fangkuai Boiler co., LTD.


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