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Electric Heated Steam Boiler

Electric Heated Steam Boiler

  • Capacity: 0.5-4 t/h
  • Design fuel: Electric
  • Application: Building heat supply
  • Description: Designed for steam boiler customer using electric as energy; thermal efficiency above 98%; meet the strictest emissions and fire standards
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The advantage of the electrical heating steam boiler is that there isn’t any combustion chamber or chimney, and the thermal efficiency can be kept above 98%. This kind of boiler fits the most stringent standards of emission and fire protection. Integrated design provides users with convenient installation, immediate usage and high efficiency.


  1. Safety, Reliability and Anticreep
  2. Automatic Pollutant Discharge
  3. Wide Range of Load Adjustment
  4. Intelligent Control System, Simple Operation

Tehnical parameters

Model Rated power Current Rated evaporation Rated steam pressure Rated steam temperature Boiler size Drain outlet Water inlet Steam outlet Weight
Length Width Height
Unit kW A t/h Mpa mm mm mm mm mm mm t
WDR0.5-0.8-Ⅱ 405 608 0.5 0.8 175 2540 1880 1845 DN40 DN25 DN40 1.28
WDR1.0-1.25-Ⅱ 750 1040 1 1.25 194 2810 1895 2250 DN40 DN25 DN50 2.29
WDR2.0-1.25-Ⅱ 1500 2250 2 3585 2240 2290 DN50 DN40 DN80 3.902
WDR4.0-1.25-Ⅱ 3000 4500 4 4585 2600 3595 DN50 DN40 DN100 6.51

Take 38270.017KJ/Nm³ as the low calorific value of natural gas.

As the technology is constantly updated, it is subject to change without notice. For detailed parameters, please refer to the headquarters of Fangkuai boiler co., LTD.


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