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Vacuum Water Boiler

Vacuum water boiler


  • Capacity: 1-4 t/h
  • Design fuel: Natural gas, coal gas
  • Application: Hot water supply in industry production, hotels, hospitals, etc.
  • Description: Peak design in vacuum boiler field; self-developed U-type smoke tube design; full-premixed combustion technology
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For a long time, the boiler gave people the impression of a black and black machine, taking much floor area, influencing the image of the place. So people put the boiler in the corner that is not easy to be seen or in the boiler room. These problems were solved by the advent of the Fangkuai Thalia series. The elegant and generous appearance design, the subversive structure design and the application of innovative technology make Thalia series become one of the best choices of vacuum hot water boiler.


  1. Integrated Construction and Small Overall Dimensions
  2. Strong Water Quality Adaptability
  3. Multi-Boiler-Controlled Intelligent System
  4. High Thermal Efficiency and Low Emission
  5. One Boiler Serves Several Purposes

Core technology

  1. Ultraten Tube Technology

    • Small Overall Dimensions
    • High Thermal Efficiency
    • Fewer Welding Point
  2. U-type tube technology

    • Small Overall Dimensions
    • High Thermal Efficiency
    • Strong Water Quality Adaptability
    • Low Exhaust Temperature
  3. Full premixed combustion

    • High Combustion Efficiency
    • Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation
    • NOx Emission Less than 18mg/m³
    • Sufficient and Steady Outlet Water Temperature
    • Mute Combustion at 62db

Technical parameters

Product parameters

Model Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Rated thermal power(kW) Rated working pressure(Mpa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Rated pressure of heat exchanger(Mpa) Thermal efficiency(%) Hot water quantity t/h(10/60℃)
T6-700 3150 1350 2300 700 -0.02 93.5 1.6 105.5 12
T6-700 3570 1550 2330 1400 -0.02 93.5 1.6 105.5 24
T6-700 4910 1730 2680 2800 -0.02 93.5 1.6 105.5 48

Performance parameters of heat exchanger

Model Single tube box Two boxes in series Two boxes in parallel
Rated heating capacity(MW) Rated/imported water temperature(℃) Hot water flow(m³/h) Rated heating capacity(MW) Rated/imported water temperature(℃) Hot water flow(m³/h) Rated heating capacity(MW) Rated/imported water temperature(℃) Hot water flow(m³/h)
T6-700 0.47 60/50 40 0.7 60/40(80/60) 30 0.7 60/50 60
60/40 20
T6-700 0.93 60/50 80 1.4 60 1.4 120
60/40 40
T6-700 1.87 60/50 160 2.8 120 2.8 240
60/40 80

Take 38270.017KJ/Nm³ as the low calorific value of natural gas

As the technology is constantly updated, it is subject to change without notice. For detailed parameters, please refer to the headquarters of Fangkuai boiler co., LTD.


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