How to choose a gas steam boiler?

2022 / May / Tue
Although the gas-fired steam boiler is a device that converts water into steam after burning gas fuel to release heat, gas-fired steam boilers are also divided into more detailed series according to differences in boiler structure, pressure, capacity, etc. In the face of many models of gas-fired steam boilers on the market, how to judge which gas-fired steam boiler is better? How to choose a suitable steam boiler has become a difficult problem for users. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Co., Ltd. will help and guide you to choose the truly suitable boiler equipment.

selection of steam boiler

First of all, it is necessary to determine the brand of gas steam boiler to choose. Gas-fired steam boilers are special equipment, and are subject to strict policy control in terms of manufacturing and installation, in order to ensure the safety of the boiler during operation. Some small-scale boiler factories may cut corners in boiler manufacturing, or may not have a perfect after-sales system, which may eventually lead to some failures in the operation of the boiler; this is a big loss for companies that have been using steam boilers. .

Secondly, it depends on the operation of the gas steam boiler. The operating efficiency of the boiler (fuel consumption per hour of operation), fuel utilization, etc., are related to the overall investment cost of the boiler. The gas steam boilers launched by Fangkuai boiler manufacturers generally have a thermal efficiency of more than 98%. Compared with conventional gas boilers, the thermal efficiency is more than 10% higher. After a year of operation, a lot of fuel costs can be saved, which is extremely cost-effective. high.

Also, it depends on the environmental protection coefficient of the gas steam boiler and whether it meets the local environmental protection standards. Many cities in my country have successively introduced atmospheric environmental protection standards. If the boiler exceeds the limit, it is likely to be rectified or repurchased by the relevant departments within the time limit, which is also a large investment cost for enterprises. Therefore, everyone must master the local environmental protection emission standards before purchasing a boiler, and choose a gas-fired steam boiler that is lower than the standard.