Production Equipment & Technology

After continuous adjustment and exploration, we have formed a complete production process, from raw material machining to be ready for delivery, it is divided into 16 processes, the division among the processes is clear, and the manufacturing work can be completed in at most 30 days. The coverage rate of fully automatic welding equipment in the workshop reaches 95%, which greatly guarantees the welding quality of the boiler.

Intelligent large-scale production equipment to ensure the overall quality of the boiler.

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Corrugated Furnace Forming Machine

By using the principle of local heating and rolling, instead of the traditional molding device, the size of the furnace is accurate and the processing range is larger.

Membrane Wall Production Line

Through the highly automated control, large-scale membrane wall manufacturing is realized, and the produced membrane wall has good tightness and heat preservation.

Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

The 0-45° sheet cutting is completed by plasma technology, and the cut surface is smooth and scratch-free, and almost no heat affected zone is formed.

Large Turn-Over Machine

The equipment is used for the drum reversal work, which not only ensures the welding quality, but also adds protection to the workers safety.

X-ray Nondestructive Testing

X-ray is used to perform non-destructive testing inside of the boiler. When the pass rate of inspection is up to 99%, the next step can be carried out to ensure the good quality of the equipment.