Indonesia 2.1MW condensing gas hot water boilers

Indonesia 2.1MW condensing gas hot water boilers

Use Fuel: Natural gas

Rated Evaporation: 2.1MW

Product Name: Gas(oil) Fired Integrated Hot Water Boiler

Product Model: WNS2.1-1.0/95/70-Y.(3 sets)

Application Areas: Automotive materials manufacturing

Project Place: Indonesia



Our company needs a lot of hot water to maintain high temperature in many processes of automobile production. Therefore, it is a headache in the selection of boiler equipment. FANGKUAI Boiler solves our urgent needs. The gas-fired hot water boiler system purchased this time is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and has high thermal efficiency, which saves our company a lot of operating costs.

Project proposals

In the automobile manufacturing process, it is necessary to go through the main processes such as stamping, welding, painting, etc. Some processes have very high requirements on temperature. For example, the coating process requires high-temperature hot water 95 ° C or higher. This time, we cooperated an automobile manufacturing company in Indonesia. Our technicians customized 3 sets WNS series gas fired hot water boilers with a thermal power 2.1MW (WNS2.1-1.0/95/70-YQ ).

Product advantages

High efficiency and energy saving is a remarkable feature of this type of boiler. The boiler also has a complete operation control and safety monitoring system, which is very simple and convenient to operate. And taking into account the actual situation and needs of the company, our company's technical staff tailored the solution to meet their needs, to ensure the reasonable use of the boiler within the maximum range.


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