Fangkuai Group, Baixiang Group and Shandong project once again "join hands" successfully

2021 / Nov / Mon
On August 25, a 25-ton water-tube boiler was successfully ignited in the Baixiang Food Factory in Jining, Shandong, marking the success of the transformation of the coal-fired boiler of Shandong Baixiang Food Co., Ltd.

This is the third purchase of Fangkuai products by Baixiang Group, and it is also another successful case of Fangkuai Group in the food industry.

With the moment when the on-site personnel started the burner, the azure blue flame "ran forward", the golden light instantly filled the eyeballs, and the sweet and low-steady running sound won high praise from the leaders of the party A at that time.

At the scene, the person in charge of Baixiang Food and the on-site staff of Fangkuai Group applauded to celebrate this historical moment. Everyone took a group photo in front of this boiler of model szs25-1.25.

This ray of fire conveys the dedication of Fangkuai's employees and brings the feeling of stable operation to Baixiang customers. On the evening of August 24, Fangkuai employees who had already arrived at the site insisted on working until late at night to carry out on-site electrical installation and on-site commissioning. Sweat all over my body, just for the ignition work to proceed smoothly the next day.

In the dead of night, the lights on the scene were extremely shining, and the silhouettes of the employees spreading in the boiler room looked straight and slender. At this time, they have "filtered" the concept of time, and the only "special" is the beverage bottle placed at random not far away, where "filling" the "memory" of thousands of on-site actions by Fangkuai's on-site personnel.

Many steps, such as line installation, pipeline installation, instrument debugging, valve inspection, etc., were adjusted and completed before 1 am on the 25th.

That piece of light refracts the stability of Fangkuai’s products, giving customers a sense of trust and safety. The low-noise and stable operating environment, the rhythm adjustment of instrument data, and the smooth curve of the operating screen all bring a different experience to the white elephant furnace staff on site.

This product is the "coal-to-gas" project of Shandong Baixiang Group. This is a major event in the history of Baixiang Group's manufacturing and the embodiment of the company's technological innovation. This indicates that the cooperation between the two parties has entered a new deep water area. stage.

The ignition operation of the SZS boiler marked the entry of the "Fangkuai Equipment" of the "White Elephant Square" into a new era of self-competitive data.

Stability is the prerequisite, energy consumption is the basic, emission is the standard, Fangkuai's products will make an important historical contribution to the technological innovation of Baixiang.

This ray of fire and that piece of light indicate that the performance of Fangkuai's products has once again moved the best friend of the white elephant. Fang Kuai has done enough research in the food industry to explore deep cultivation. Gas consumption, emission values, and the special control requirements of "2+26 cities" are evident in the annual iteration of Fangkuai's products. In the food industry, such as Dali, Anjing, and Panpan, the front-line "friends" of the food industry have "made friends" with Fang Kuai. The white elephant, who is also a Yuqi, naturally and Fangkuai "pull the hook again" and "run together".

In the future, we will accompany the white elephants all the way, accompany the food industry all the year round, and contribute "Fang Kuai Power" to the food safety of our compatriots in China.