In-depth industry research and precise sharing-Leaders of China Packaging Federation visited our com

2021 / Dec / Mon
On December 11th, Vice President Han, Secretary-General Hu, and Minister Li of China Packaging Federation (hereinafter referred to as China Packaging Federation) visited the company to discuss our company’s energy-saving and emission-reduction program in the field of corrugated production, and the tile line Under the high-speed beat, the solution for the comprehensive utilization of condensate was observed on the spot and listened to the report of the group president and R&D center manager. Relevant leaders of Henan Packaging Technology Association were also invited to accompany the attendance.

Relying on its own "intensive cultivation and deep research" results in the field of tile production, Fangkuai fully demonstrated to Chairman Han and his party the "Fangkuai Condensate Solution" represented by the new "Euromonitor 7" product.

During the communication process, President Han recorded every concern in detail:

In the production process of the tile line, the difficulty of condensate control caused by the high speed was communicated in detail;

Conducted key exchanges on the unique gas consumption per ton saving plan in Fangkuai;

The other party discussed in detail the important details of energy saving and emission reduction in the corrugated industry.

Through a full report and discussion in the morning, the leaders of China Packaging Federation expressed their appreciation for our company's "industry deep cultivation" approach, and the other party quickly gave a high degree of recognition for the "point-pointing" energy-saving path in the process of tile line operation.

During the visit, President Han focused on visiting the Fangkuai Boiler Multimedia Exhibition Hall and the Clean Boiler Laboratory:

In the exhibition hall, President Han listened to the explanation of the new product leader of Euromonitor 7 in detail, and watched the comprehensive application model of the Fangkuai Euromonitor 7-watt line with great interest. The product layout, pipeline direction, auxiliary equipment configuration and corresponding functions , Understand one by one.

On both sides of the Euromonitor 7 model, the lights flickered and dazzling. The principle of comprehensive utilization of condensed water indicated by it has brought different intuitive feelings to the leaders and experts present. Sun Gong's in-depth language explanations show everyone Fang Kuai's "deep research" skills in the corrugated industry.

President Han moved into the Fangkuai Clean boiler laboratory, touched the "real machine" of the Euromonitor 7 product, looked at the nameplate of the pipeline, and asked the president beside him for various performance data of the product;

Walking into the auxiliary engine room, President Han showed additional interest in the neat pipeline layout, clean water tank facilities, and exquisite valve instruments, and kept raising his hand to inquire;

President Han came to the DCS control room and discussed the meaning of data scrolling on the big screen, the meaning of arrows pointing, and the trend of graphs.

Through the careful and careful visit process, President Han and other leaders of China Packaging Federation fully felt Fang Kuai’s ingenious design during the tile line operation and the ingenious arrangement in the process of energy saving and emission reduction on the tile line. Fang Kuai took this to complete "accurate sharing" with industry authorities.

In the afternoon of the same day, Chairman Han, accompanied by the company's chairman, also visited the site of the company's plain workshop.

Laser cutting machines, intersecting wire cutting machines, welding robots and other high-precision automation equipment have left a deep impression of "large industrial manufacturing";

The water tube boiler of the upcoming Winter Olympics project has left a deep "Fang Kuai brand" for everyone;

The staff's focused operation and skillful methods have brought different "soft power feelings" to the staff.

Later, accompanied by the chairman of the board, President Han and his entourage also visited our remote monitoring center and made key understandings. The cooperation between Fangkuai and China Packaging United is a brand-new attempt by Fangkuai to deepen the industry and exert precision. While visiting and communicating, the participants also deeply realized the importance and necessity of energy conservation and emission reduction in the field of corrugated manufacturing, and realized the great significance of "cross-border hand in hand" between boilers and corrugated.

In the future, Fangkuai is willing to conduct “in-depth research in the industry” simultaneously with China Packaging Alliance, accumulate industry cases and data, and “accurately share”, so as to spread and popularize Fangkuai's energy-saving and consumption-reducing solutions in the industry.